Autonomous Mobility

Mobile robots can add on-demand mobility to any application. Whether you need to move parts on a factory floor or want automatic coffee delivery bot to your headquarters, there is a solution. Contact us with your idea and we can make it happen!

Why choose AIV-based solution?

Traditional AGV’s use pre-defined routes and need additional infrastructure, such as navigation beacons or special tracks to guide them. Omron LD platform navigates autonomously using shortest allowable path utilizing true natural-feature navigation – no facility modifications needed.

Application Examples

  • Automatic delivery of components from warehouse to production
  • Automatic transport of packets, documents or medical supplies and equipment
  • Mobile autonomous UHF RFID scanner for real-time asset tracking
  • Mobile work stations, transport carts and shelves


Leverage mobile robots in your business to design scalable processes that adjust to changing workflows.


Eliminate errors by freeing workers from monotonous, high-volume tasks and let them focus on activities that require complex human skills.


Benefit from better visibility and transparency through automated manufacturing and distribution.


Leverage IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning to streamline your business and design JIT workflows.

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