Courier robot serves hotel guests at Mall of Tripla

Dimalog is taking part in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland’s innovation ecosystem for developing multipurpose robot solutions and novel operator business models.

In this service robotics pilot, a 5G-enabled courier robot transports meals from various restaurants to guests residing in Original Sokos Hotel Tripla. Pilot takes place at the Mall of Tripla shopping mall in Pasila.

While delivering food, the courier robot Taika also streams 360° video and performs anonymized object and shape recognition, as well as emotion analytics. This unique feature provides valuable data and insights for the development of better customer experience and new services in the shopping mall.

Courier robot Taika meets Spot from Boston Dynamics in the Mall of Tripla, September 2021

Omron LD-90 based courier robot is developed in co-operation with Telia. Taika navigates autonomously in the shopping mall, travels in elevators, and communicates with people by speech synthesizer speaking Finnish.

In two year long MURO project (“Multi-purpose Service Robotics as Operator Business”) companies are researching a wide array of topics, such as robotic manipulation, motion control, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), 3D capture and measurements, data utilization and visualization, and fleet management of heterogeneous service robot fleets.

MURO project is a two-year project ongoing until 30 March, 2023. The project is funded by Business Finland and aims to radically renew the service robotics business and to boost Finnish companies’ exports with MURO solutions developed in cooperation with the participating companies.

We will be happy to tell you more about the technical implementation of the project and the emerging possibilities of service robotics.

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