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Picture of Omron mobile robots LD-90, LD-250 and HD-1500

Omron LD mobile robot platforms and customized solutions based on mobile robots. Give us a challenge and we will design a tailor-made solution for you.

Dimalog AMR Top Module examples

Mobile robot accessories, including conveyor tops, lifting columns and pick-up and drop-off stations.

Omron TM -yhteistyörobotti integroidulla konenäöllä

Omron TM Collaborative Robots with integrated machine vision. Cobots can be fitted on custom mobile workstations or mobile robot platform for maximal versatility.

Dimalog mobile cobot

Mobile Cobots can move autonomously between different work areas, switch from one job to the next in a breeze and transport material at the same time.

Data & analytiikka

System integrations, M2M APIs and data analytics. Device Hub IoT platform for mobile robot management and data visualization.

Omron LD mobiilirobotti

We offer tailored pilot periods with Omron LD and TM robots.


Leverage mobile robots in your business to design scalable processes that adjust to changing workflows.


Eliminate errors by freeing workers from monotonous, high-volume tasks and let them focus on activities that require complex human skills.


Benefit from better visibility and transparency through automated manufacturing and distribution.


Leverage IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning to streamline your business and design JIT workflows.

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