Introducing Dimalog’s AMR Top Modules

Image of Dimalog AMR Top Module lineup for Omron LD mobile robots
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are changing how work is done in the workplace, especially in sectors like manufacturing and logistics. At the same time, the AMR top modules are playing a critical role in this revolution, giving AMRs the ability to perform different tasks and functions.

What are AMR Top Modules?

Top modules are equipment pieces attached to AMRs, enabling the robots to perform specific tasks based on your requirements. Tasks vary by application, but typically range from moving goods to picking up items. Top modules play a crucial role in enabling AMRs to carry out essential functions like self-loading and unloading, thus making them as indispensable to AMRs as fingers are to a hand. Bare AMRs are able to move, but they lack the ability to interact with their environment in any meaningful way.

AMR Top Modules from Dimalog – Merging Functional Design and Versatility

Our team at Dimalog designs and manufactures AMR top modules that equip Omron LD mobile robots to handle a broad range of tasks. Recognized for their reliability and adaptability, these robots can enhance their capabilities even further with our well-designed top modules.

From conveyor tops to pick-up and drop-off stations, we provide a comprehensive selection of top modules and accessories that add function to these robots, while enabling you to unlock the full potential of Omron’s LD mobile robots.

Standard Top Modules for Omron LD-60/90 Mobile Robots

We offer a variety of standard top modules for different models of Omron LD mobile robots:

  • Roller conveyors in different orientations (CW, 2CW, LW)
  • Belt conveyors in different orientations (CW, LW)
  • Pick-up and drop-off stations (PDS-1/2)
  • Cart transporters (CG-90)
  • Bin changers (BC-90)

We have designed these modules with the specific needs of different industries in mind, while prioritizing versatility and adaptability across various applications.

Image of Omron LD Autonomous Mobile Robots with Dimalog AMR Top Modules in a factory
AMR system with roller conveyor top modules and matching pick-up and drop-off stations

Discover Our Range of AMR Top Modules

Learn how Dimalog’s plug-and-play AMR top modules can help your AMRs reach their full potential, while saving you time and resources throughout your automation process. Additionally, we understand that each business has unique needs. That’s why we also offer custom solutions tailored to your requirements.

Custom AMR Top Modules and AMR Systems for Your Unique Needs

In addition to our standard modules, our team at Dimalog designs custom AMR Top Modules to suit your specific requirements. Through collaborative partnerships with our clients, we embrace an integral approach that enables us to deeply grasp your requirements and develop a product that is tailored to your business. Furthermore, we prioritize flexibility in the thoughtful design of our offerings, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your needs, whether it be a single top module or a turnkey system inclusive of the AMR.

Additionally, our solutions also extend to other models of Omron AMRs, including LD-250 and HD-1500. For a detailed look at our offerings, please visit the dedicated Top Module section on our website. Furthermore, to obtain more information about Omron AMRs, we encourage you to visit the official Omron website.

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