Mobile robot courier gives meals a ride in senior center

Omron LD-250 meal cart transporter
Transport robot in Kustaankartano senior center

Dimalog was selected as the implementation partner for piloting autonomous meal transport in Kustaankartano senior center, an agile pilot organized by Forum Virium.

The experiment is part of Kustis Goes Digi! and 6Aika (Six City Strategy) Co-created Health and Wellbeing (CoHeWe) project that is seeking smart solutions for social services and the health care sector.

For the course of the experiment, the courier robot is transporting meals and handling other indoor logistics tasks between the Kustaankartano Food Centre and the senior centre. The Omron LD 250- mobile robot based cart transporter navigates autonomously along Kustaankartano’s service tunnels, lifts and ramps.

In addition to Dimalog and Forum Virium Helsinki, the other participants in the project are Service Centre Helsinki, Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division and Design Studio Muotohiomo.

Mobile robots can be used to enhance workflows in wide variety of tasks in hospital, healthcare and social services sectors. Contact us if you would like to learn more!

The Polle (horse in finnish) robot in action

Read more about the project (in finnish)