Mobile Cobots

The hybrids of collaborative robots and mobile robots are called Mobile Manipulators or Mobile Cobots. Especially when equipped with integrated machine vision, Mobile Cobots open whole new possibilities for task automation. Mobile Cobots can move autonomously between different work areas, switch from one job to the next in a breeze and transport material at the same time. Omron TM -series collaborative robots can be freely mixed and matched with Omron LD mobile robots. For bigger TM-12 and TM-14 Cobot models we recommend Omron LD-250 as the platform.

Dimalog Mobile Cobots

Autonomous Mobility

Robot can move autonomously between different work areas, while avoiding obstacles and navigating based on true natural feature recognition – no beacons or other facility modifications needed.

Integrated Machine Vision

Machine Vision enables the robot to calibrate its position on different work areas, read barcodes and recognize work pieces.

Flexible Operation

Single Mobile Cobot can handle many different tasks simultaneously.

Safety as Priority

 The system can be safely operated around people and it conforms with all safety standards that enable cooperation between humans and machines.

Application examples

Cobot application examples

Applicable Collaborative Robots

Omron TM5-700 Cobot


  • Max. payload: 6 kg
  • Max. reach: 700 mm
  • Max. speed: 1.1 m/s
Omron TM5-900 Cobot


  • Max. payload: 4 kg
  • Max. reach: 900 mm
  • Max. speed: 1.4 m/s
Omron TM12 Cobot


  • Max payload: 12 kg
  • Max. reach: 1300 mm
  • Max. speed: 1.3 m/s
Omron TM14 Cobot


  • Max. payload: 14 kg
  • Max. reach: 1100 mm
  • Max. speed: 1.1 m/s

Download brochure: Omron TM Collaborative robot

Applicable Mobile Robots

Omron LD-60

  • Max. payload: 60 kg
  • Max. speed: 1.8 m/s

Omron LD-90

  • Max. payload: 90 kg
  • Max. speed: 1.35 m/s
Omron LD-250 mobile robot

Omron LD-250

  • Max. payload: 250 kg
  • Max. speed: 1.20 m/s
Omron HD-1500 mobile robot

Omron HD-1500

  • Max. payload: 1500 kg
  • Max. speed: 1.8 m/s

Download brochure: Omron LD Mobile robots

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