Home-on-Demand – Last mile deliveries in REDI by Dimalog

ASUM-1 courier robot waiting for elevator
Robot courier ASUM-1 is waiting for elevator in the lobby

Dimalog is the operator in Home-on-Demand courier robot pilot, a project organized by Forum Virium Helsinki. The aim is to test the concept of autonomous robot couriers in urban residential environment. The pilot is taking place in Kalasatama smart city area.

The experiment is part of the 6Aika (Six City Strategy) New solutions in city logistics project that is seeking smart solutions for urban logistics and last mile deliveries.

For the course of the agile pilot, the courier robot is delivering fresh meals and select grocery items from REDI’s K-Supermarket to the residents of the Majakka tower building. The experiment covers all 282 apartments in the building along with 4 communal areas.

  • Customer places an online order in the digital resident service platform Asumi.
  • Purchases are collected at K-Supermarket Redi and the robot is sent on its way to deliver the order.
  • Courier robot navigates autonomously in REDI’s corridors, service tunnels and elevators. The robot communicates with humans using a Finnish-speaking speech synthesizer.
  • Purchases will be delivered to the customer’s apartment door. The customer receives an automatic notification as the robot arrives.

In addition to Dimalog and Forum Virium Helsinki, the other participants in the project are SRV, K-Supermarket Redi, KONE, Omron and Design Studio Muotohiomo.

Autonomous food deliveries with Omron LD

We will be happy to tell you more about the technical implementation of the project and the emerging possibilities of robotics in the development of smart city logistics and services.


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