Omron Expands Its AMR Lineup with the MD-650

Picture of Omron AMR lineup with MD-650

In the realm of industrial automation, it’s pivotal to evolve alongside industry demands. As such, Omron’s unveiling of the Omron MD-650 mobile robot stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation. With an impressive payload capacity and state-of-the-art features, this new addition expands Omron’s already robust AMR lineup.

A Mid-Range Powerhouse

With manufacturing sites continuously advancing and adopting new technologies, there’s an ever-growing demand to alleviate the physical burden on workers. The Omron MD-650 emerges as an answer to this call. Positioned to cater to the medium payload range, the MD-650 can support a weight of up to 650 kg. This bridges the gap between the earlier LD-250 and the larger HD-1500 models. Now, industries have a more varied choice tailored to their specific needs.

Image of Omron MD-650 Mobile Robot
Omron MD-650 Mobile Robot

Notable Features of the MD-650

  • High-speed and Safe Operations: The MD-650 prides itself on top-level transportation speed for its weight capacity, reaching a maximum speed of 2.2 m/s. Additionally, its unique obstacle avoidance algorithm ensures operations run seamlessly, even in tighter spaces.
  • Optimized Battery Life: Thanks to the advanced battery and charging technology, this mobile robot can perform for a staggering 8 hours with just a half-hour of charging.
  • Unified Control with Unique Software: Using Omron’s signature software technology, “OMRON Fleet Manager”, industries can integrate and control up to 100 units on a single system, optimizing transport for various payloads and capacities.
  • Safety Above All: Adhering to the international safety standard ISO3691-4, the MD-650 underscores its commitment to ensuring safety in all its operations.

Read the official press release here: New MD-650 Mobile Robot for Medium Payload Range

The Future is Automated

The MD-650’s release not only enhances Omron’s repertoire but emphasizes the increasing importance of automated solutions in manufacturing sites. Inter-process transportation work, which often entails moving heavy materials, finished goods, and work-in-progress, demands not just efficiency but also safety.

This new model’s seamless integration with Omron’s unique Fleet Manager software embodies the future of transport automation. With the ability to control multiple robots of varying weight capacities on a single system, industries can achieve an optimized transportation process, minimizing delays and improving efficiency.

Stay Tuned for Dimalog’s Top Modules for the MD-650

Dimalog’s commitment to pioneering the new generation of robotics aligns perfectly with the promise of the Omron MD-650. We are excited to bring you top modules that will further enhance the capabilities of this mobile robot, offering tangible competitive advantages to your operations.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming innovations for the MD-650. And while you wait, familiarize yourself with our existing range of top modules for other models, such as the Omron LD-60/90 and LD-250.

If you’re ready to discuss how Omron AMRs and our Top Modules can transform your business operations, we’re just a click away. Get in touch with us using our contact form, and we will be in touch shortly. Our team is dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your AMRs.

Image of Omron AMR Lineup with the new MD-650 mobile robot
Current Omron AMR Lineup (from left to right) LD-60/90, LD-250, MD-650, HD-1500