Industry 4.0

The next industrial revolution is about more than just advanced technologies. It’s about bringing those technologies together in a meaningful, interconnected way – and harnessing the power to drive operations, quality and growth.

We help companies across industries to build innovative environments where people can work smarter, not harder.

Products and services

Omron LD mobile robot platforms and customized solutions based on mobile robots. Give us a challenge and we will design a tailor-made solution for you.

Omron LD mobiilirobotit

Mobile robot accessories, including conveyor tops, lifting columns and pick-up and drop-off stations.

Omron TM -yhteistyörobotti integroidulla konenäöllä

Omron TM Collaborative Robots with integrated machine vision. Cobots can be fitted on custom mobile workstations or mobile robot platform for maximal versatility.


Machine Vision

Standalone and complementary machine vision systems for appearance inspections, positioning or pick-and-place applications.

Data & analytiikka

Data and Analytics

Automated processes and real-time data acquisition enable better insight and data-driven approach for easier planning and decision making.

Omron LD mobiilirobotti

Robot Pilots

We offer tailored pilot periods with Omron LD and TM robots. You can find an example of successful piloting from our news section.


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