Integration Module LD-60/90-IM

The Integration Module raises the mounting level of the mobile robot top modules and allows the control panel,
antennas and side lasers to be attached to vertical structures, leaving the mounting surface free for attaching other equipment. There is ample installation space inside the module for other components, which are easily accessible through removable side panels. 24V power supply, I/O breakout board and integrated driving light included. Compatible with other Dimalog Top Modules.

Standard top plate heights: Integration module IM5 500 mm, IM7 700 mm, IM9 900 mm.

Other heights available on request.

Picture of Omron LD-90 Mobile Robots with Dimalog Integration Modules LD-60_90-IM
Dimalog Integration Modules LD-60_90-IM
Module length 660 mm
Module width 475 mm
Height of top plate 500/700/900 mm
Removable side and top covers
DC/DC converter
Breakout cable for LD user I/O
Integrated blue LED driving light
Fittings for LD Operator panel
Fittings for LD Antennas
Max payload up to 85 kg
LED warning light on top
Side laser fittings
Side lasers with covers
Dimensions of standard models
ModelHeight of top plate H

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