Cart Gripper Top Module CG-90

Cart latching system designed for autonomously moving lightweight carts indoors. Compatible with Omron LD
90/90X mobile robots, max. payload up to 130 kg. Perfect solution for material replenishment and manufacturing work in progress material movement. Standard CT carts come with four height adjustable shelves with 25 kg capacity each. Also available as ESD version.

Cart top section is easily customizable, and you can create your own shelf design on top of the cart base to best fit your unique payload characteristics and work process.

Picture of Omron LD-90 Mobile Robot with Dimalog Cart Gripper CG-90
Dimalog Cart Gripper CG-90
Dimensions of standard models
ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Max. payload (kg)
Cart Gripper CG-90
Electric cart gripping mechanism
Cart sensors
Red/Yellow/Green signal tower
Integrated blue LED driving light
Side lasers
Fittings and extension cables for WiFi antennas and LD operator panel
Fittings for 1-4 function buttons below the ctrl panel
Max payload 60 kg (LD-90) / 130 kg (LD-90X)
CE-marked, warranty 12 months
Cart CG-90-CT
Length 700 mm
Width 720 mm
Height 1725 mm
Castor diameter 100 mm
4 shelves (detachable, adjustable height)
Custom versions available

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