Bin Changer Top Module BC-90

Drive-through bin changer system designed for transporting standard plastic storage bins. The system consists of a top module, which has two shelves; the upper opening backwards and the lower opening forwards, and a drive through type, two shelf drop off and pick up station. When driving forward through the station, the robot, equipped with a Bin Changer Top Module, drops off the bin from the upper shelf onto station’s upper shelf and picks up the bin from station’s lower shelf onto the lower shelf of the top module . Perfect solution for material replenishment and manufacturing work in progress material movement. Max payload up to 2 x 25 kg.

Picture of Omron LD-90 Mobile Robot with Dimalog drive-through bin changer BC-90
Dimalog drive-through bin changer BC-90
Dimensions of standard models
ModelLane width (mm)
Height of upper shelf 810 mm
Height of lower shelf 480 mm
Lane width 320 / 420 mm
Breakout board W/ HD44 cable for LD user I/O
Bumper in the top front section stops the robot if it tries to drive trough an already full station
Bin indicator sensor at lower shelf
LED warning light on front top
Integrated blue LED driving light
Fittings and extension cables for LD operator panel and WiFi antennas
Integrated side lasers
Max payload up to 25 kg / shelf
CE-marked, warranty 12 months
Drive-through Station BC-90-DTS
Height of upper shelf 820 mm (adj. 810 – 830 mm)
Height of lower shelf 485 mm (adj. 470 – 490 mm)
Lane width 320 / 420 mm

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