Belt Conveyor Top Module LD-60/90-BC-LW

Multipurpose and customizable lengthwise belt conveyor for the LD-60/90 mobile robots. All models have silent and high friction belt as standard, as well as optical sensor at the front of the conveyor to identify the transported products.

The height of the conveyor level from the floor level can be selected when ordering from 450 mm to 1000 mm.

A wide range of accessories available, for example additional sensors, electric stoppers and electric height adjustment.

Picture of Omron LD-90 Mobile Robot with Dimalog Belt Conveyor Top Module LD-60_90-BC-LW-2
Dimalog Belt Conveyor Top Module LD-60_90-BC-LW-2
Dimensions of standard models
ModelLane width LW (+/-10 mm)Module length L

Other widths and lengths available on request.

Module length (L) 650-750 mm (other lengths on request)
Module width (TW) 100 mm + LW (+side lasers)
Conveying height 500 mm (can be raised up to 1000 mm with Integration Modules)
24VDC Belt drive
PVC-coated polyester belt (other belt types also available)
Optical sensor in the front end of the conveyor
Back stop on the back end of the conveyor
Adjustable side guides
Max payload up to 40 kg
Control option: LD user IO
LED warning light on top
Back sensor
Electric front stop
Electric height-adjusting module
Control options: PLC / remote IO
Blue LED Spotlight on the front lighting the floor in front of the robot

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