Mobile Cobot MC90

Light Duty Mobile Cobot (Mobile Manipulator) based on Omron LD-90 platform and Omron TM collaborative robot.

Mobile Cobots can move autonomously between different work areas, switch from one job to the next in a breeze and transport material at the same time. Integrated Machine Vision enables the robot to calibrate its position on different work areas, read barcodes and recognize work pieces.

Wide range of grippers available as an option. Delivered fully assembled.

For heavier loads or applications requiring longer reach, we recommend the larger model MC250.

Mobile Cobot MC60/90
Standard models based on LD-90
ModelCobotReachPayloadSide lasers
MC90-7TM5-700700 mm6 kgNO
MC90-7STM5-700700 mm6 kgYES
MC90-9TM5-900900 mm4 kgNO
MC90-9STM5-900900 mm4 kgYES

Custom designs available on request.

MC90 Series Mobile Cobot
Platform details, LD-90
Maximum payload: 90 kg
Maximum speed: 1.35 m/s
Optional side scanning lasers (MC90-_S models)
Optional fleet management server
Cobot details, TM5-700
Maximum reach 700 mm
Maximum payload 6 kg
Cobot details, TM5-900
Maximum reach 900 mm
Maximum payload 4 kg
Integration Module
Programmable PLC (Omron NX-102)
Programmable Safety Controller (Omron NX-SL3300)
Safety measures to prevent simultaneous movement of platform and cobot
Industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router
Integration guide supplied with every unit
Wide range of grippers available on request

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