Case Kemppi: Material transport with Omron LD

Dimalog’s freight transport robot was introduced at Kemppi Electronics Factory in Lahti in January 2019. Solution is based on Omron LD mobile robot platform, on top of which custom equipment was designed for automatic box delivery and retrieval.

Starting points of the design were cost-efficiency and suitability to the factory premises and processes. Kemppi was looking for an automatic material transport solution that would fit the dynamic environment of a large factory and operate safely in narrow aisles.

By using a fully autonomous robot, they wanted to improve material flow, reduce human errors and unnecessary walking in 5,000 m² of production space.

Kemppi’s representatives in the project were Osmo Salminen, Manager of Electronics Factory and Janne Seppänen, Production Laboratory Technician.

“Our goal was to find a compact and affordable solution for automatic transfer of material which could also be integrated into the inventory management system. Because of safety aspects and challenging environment, we also wanted to add vertically scanning auxiliary lasers so the robot can navigate better in narrow spaces and avoid table corners and other overhanging obstacles.”

Kuljetusrobotti Kempin elektroniikkatehtaalla
Transport robot at Kemppi Electronics Factory

For Kemppi it was important that the solution could be tested and developed further before making a large investment. The final design was refined especially due to a trial run at the factory.

“Many elements that affected robot’s performance came up at the factory tests. The pilot led to an idea of a cost-efficient container dock, which ended up being the driving factor in the final solution.”

Kemppi is very satisfied with the outcome of the project.

“The project went very smoothly from our point of view. Communicating with Dimalog was easy and the system was commissioned quickly. In addition, now that we have the robot in daily use we are constantly coming up with new application ideas for this technology.”

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