Industry 4.0

The next industrial revolution is about more than just advanced technologies. It’s about bringing those technologies together in a meaningful, interconnected way – and harnessing the power to drive operations, quality and growth.

Customized Payloads

Give us a challenge and we’ll design a tailor-made solution for you. Omron LD platform can transport payloads up to 130 kg.

Safety Compliance

Robots are equipped with on-board intelligence and sensors to avoid collision with humans and obstacles.

HW & SW Integrations

Our applications can be integrated to existing processes, such as conveyor systems or manufacturing cells, as well as with any ERP/WMS/MES.

Collaborative Operation

Fleets of up to 100 robots can be monitored and centrally coordinated through Omron Enterprise Manager.

Data & Analytics

Automated processes and real-time data acquisition enable better insight and data-driven approach for easier planning and decision making.

Cross-Industry Compliance

Omron LD mobile robots are used widely across industries. ESD and clean room certified models are available on request.

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